To determine your attitude to investment risk please answer the following questions. We shall use your answer to calculate a numerical value which can be used to respresent your attitude to risk.

little or none

less than 3 years
3 to 5 years
5 to 7 years
7 to 10 years
beyond 10 years

no risk to your capital (accepting that its purchasing power may be eroded)
minor fluctuations, accepting that returns will be very modest
substantial fluctuations in value in pursuit of higher returns over time
unconcerned about fluctuations including a significant loss of capital - maximum growth is the primary objective

start drawing an income of > 5% p.a. within the next 5 years
start drawing an income of < 5% p.a. within the next 5 years
draw an income but not for at least 5 years
draw an income but not for at least 10 years
perhaps draw an income within 10 years, but timing unsure

cut your losses, sell your investments and put the proceeds on deposit
sell half the investment and put the proceeds on deposit
hold the portfolio and make no changes - you understand that markets can have bad years
invest additional money in the markets to take advantage of the better value on offer
can't say how you would react

cause you significant stress?
bother you, but not to the degree of significant stress?
not bother you – these things happen
never made such an investment

acquired shares through a de-mutualisation (First Active, Canada Life etc)
acquired shares as part of an employee share scheme
bought shares in a public issue (e.g. eircom)
bought shares of your own choice or on advice
owned unit-linked funds or unit trusts
dealt in CFDs, financial spread-betting or other derivatives
owned investment property (i.e. excluding your principal residence), or invested in a geared property syndicate or similar vehicle

not answer and take the €50,000
eliminate one incorrect answer, leaving you a choice of three: if wrong you go home with €25,000; if correct you collect €75,000
guess the answer: if correct you win €100,000, but if wrong you go home empty-handed

pack two days earlier, setting a second alarm clock for a time which will get you there at least 2 hours beforehand (allowing for traffic delays)
pack the night before, setting two alarm clocks for a time to arrive at or before the 90 minutes
finish packing just before leaving, but in time to get there 'in or about' the 90 minutes
take the view that 90 minutes really means 60

premium €700, with excess of €250
premium €600, with excess of €1,000
premium €300, with excess of €5,000



The following article may be useful resource to assit you and your loved ones in developing your retirement plan and creating a secure and safe future for you and your family.

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