Deposit Rate Comparisons

This survey contains up-to-date information on the main regular savings accounts available from individual firms. For further information, please see our disclaimer.

Financial Institution Product Interest rate (A.E.R.) Any introductory or temporary rate offers Minimum lodgement per month Maximum lodgement per month Maximum number of withdrawals allowed per year without penalty
AIB Regular Savings Account 4.00%1 Yes, see footnote below.1 €10 €500 Unlimited
Parent Saver Account 4.00% No No minimum €200 Unlimited
Bank of Ireland Easysaver 3.25%2 None €20 €500 Four
EBS Limited Optimise Flexible Savings Account3 1.00% No €5 €1,000 Unlimited
Family Savings Account 5.00%4 Rate is fixed for a 12 month period €100 €1,000 Two5
National Irish Bank Flexible Savings Account6 1.00% None No minimum No maximum Unlimited
Nationwide UK (Ireland) Easy Access Savings Account 3.00% None No mimimum7 No maximum Six
Permanent TSB 21 Day Notice 3.50% None €1.00 €1,000 Unlimited but if 21 days notice is not provided, withdrawal is subject to charge.8
RaboDirect9 RaboDirect Savings Account 2.40% None No minimum No maximum Unlimited
State Savings Instalment Savings 3.37%10, 11, 12 None €25 €1,000 None
Ulster Bank Special Interest Deposit Account 4.00%13 None €1 €1,000 Unlimited

Source: Central Bank of Ireland, September 2011

Warning: If you cash in your investment before a maturing date you may lose some or all of the money you put in.

  1. At the end of the twelve month period the account will automatically change to the standard variable interest rate applicable to the product at the time.
  2. 3.25% on balances up to €5,000 and 1.00% on balances above €5,000.
  3. Customers will gain membership of EBS.
  4. The rate above applies for the first 12 months only. When the account matures after 12 months customers can withdraw their savings or sign up for another 12 month term with a new interest rate applying. The rate of interest customers will get for the second year is 3%.
  5. One withdrawal is allowed during the first year term and another withdrawal on the maturity date.
  6. Only one account permitted per customer.
  7. A minimum of €2,000 is required to first open an Easy Access Savings Account . There is no requirement to make a lodgement each month.
  8. If less than 21 days notice is given, a penalty of 0.0103% interest will be charged on the amount withdrawn for each day notice is not provided.
  9. Only available online.
  10. Interest on State Savings Instalment Savings is tax free.
  11. For further details of the interest accruing during the 5 years contact State Savings at 1850 30 50 60 or www.statesavings.ie.
  12. Instalment Savings is a scheme where the saver agrees to pay a stated sum each month for a 12 month period. Interest accrues on a yearly basis after the completion of the savings cycle. The amount grows each year to a total of 20% after 5 years (after the end of the savings period). This is equivalent to 3.37% (taking account of the contribution period). To maximise the interest return the savings should be left on deposit for the full 5 year term i.e. 6 years after the first instalment was made. The saver can choose not to save in a particular month.
  13. Rate of 4.00% on the balance up to €15,000. Then 1.5% on the remainder of the balance over €15,000.



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